Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy birthday, John!

I'm lucky -- my family appreciates homemade and handmade gifts. I've always felt bad for crafters who love to share their hard work, but whose family and friends would rather have something storebought or brand name. My cousin used to refuse to wear clothes that didn't have a label in them (when she was a little girl -- she's always been one of the coolest people I know, and isn't like that now), so my aunt used to sew labels in the clothes she made. Our grandmother made all our dresses until we were in high school, and my mom quilts and stitches. She still hangs the awful muffin-cup-aluminum-foil-toothpick-and-blue-nail-polish Christmas ornament angels (don't ask) I made in 4th or 5th grade.

Anyway, for my brother's birthday this year I decided to try my hand at pseudo screen printing and make him some t-shirts no one else in the world would have (except me, of course, because now I have these fantastic reusable screens and I'm putting those images everywhere).

The red t-shirt is Ray Bradbury, and the blue is of our childhood dog, Emily, in outer space. Emily died last fall, so I like thinking about her flying around out there near Saturn. The screenprinting method was pretty easy, although painting on the Mod Podge takes forever. I used this crazy stretch polyester mesh -- I can't imagine sewing with it because it is so slippery -- and it made the edges come out a little pixel-y, and screenprinting ink definitely beats fabric paint. John was happy with the
results, and now I'm just looking for more things to print.

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