Thursday, February 12, 2009


When E.E. Cummings wrote about nonmakers, he placed them in opposition to Poets. I'm not a poet, but I'm not a nonmaker. I don't live anywhere exotic, my job is one of those that quietly saves the world -- I'm not a vocal activist or dashing or daring. I'm shy of eating alone in restaurants or travelling solo, so this won't be an adventure blog or a funny-tired blog about my job (there are enough librarian blogs out there already, without my mediocre offering).
I've always liked to make stuff, cook stuff, read stuff, and that's what I'm offering to share. Since my husband has been overseas, I've had more free time and have tackled new crafts, recipes and books, and many of them have been inspired by the amazing and creative people whose blogs are much better than mine will ever be. Thanks to them, I'm now adding my own mix of craft projects, cooking successes (and more than a few disasters -- the last couple of days have been memorable) and book reviews. I hope you enjoy!

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