Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brr ... button mug cozies *pattern update*

It's cold and rainy here, and it's a bit of a shock after having weeks of sunny, 80-degree weather. I've been drinking more tea and staying inside curled up on the couch with my dog, a blanket and a book (The Temptation of the Night Jasmine by Lauren Willig is my current one). I have a couple of mugs with no handles (because I dropped 'em), so I made up these felted crochet mug cozies. They're made to be adjustable, so the straps have velcro on them (just the poky bit, since the fuzzy felted wool works for the fuzzy part, and it looks nicer not to have visible velcro). They have straps so I can use them on mugs with handles, as modeled.

The blue one is best for a straight-sided mug because it's mostly a rectangle. The pink one is good for bowl-shaped mugs (or bowls!).

Bernat felting wool in gardenia and meadow, and some old buttons (mine came from my grandmother's stash) - less than 1 skein each.
Size K10.5/6.5mm hook

blue mug cozy (for straight-sided mugs):
ch 60*
rows 1-12: sc 60
strap: ch 18
rows 1-4: sc 18
felt the pieces separately.
after felting, wrap around mug and pin together to dry.
once it's dry, sew the hook side of hook-n-loop tape to one end of the strap on the wrong side. sew the other end of the strap (wrong side) to one end of the cozy (right side). make sure the hook tape's on the backside of the strap so it'll grab the cozy when you wrap it around the mug. you don't need to use the loop (soft) half of the velcro because the hooks can grab the felted material. this way the velcro stays invisible and the cozy is adjustable.
embellish with buttons.

pink mug cozy (for bowl-shaped mugs):
ch 60
rows 1-5: hdc 60
row 6: chain 4, *skip 2, tr in next st, cross back and tr in previous st, ch 1, repeat from * to end, ending with tr
strap: ch 18
rows 1-4: sc 18
follow felting and assembly instructions for the blue cozy.

*you can adjust the number of chains for the length of cozy you want. just measure your mug, add 2-3 inches for felting and use your gauge to decide the number of stitches required. because the pieces are felted, you can easily just keep felting until the cozy is the right size.


  1. these are adorable! so cute.

  2. all adorable so cute.nice post thanks for sharing.


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