Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glove love

I am officially in love with gloves. I made a pair of fingerless mitts for my dad for Christmas, then tackled cables (so fun!) with Fetching from Knitty.

For my newest project, I found a vintage British World War II glove pattern on the Victoria and Albert Museum's website, and I'm customizing it for my husband. He requested a pair of trigger finger gloves -- he wants the right index finger to fold back so he can wear them at work. He doesn't like the fingerless kind because, well, his fingers get cold. So I'm putting a horizontal buttonhole in the index finger.

I haven't gotten very far on the project, obviously. Teeny tiny yarn and teeny tiny needles will make this slow going, and teeny tiny black yarn in a poorly lit house is hard on my eyes. I need one of those miner-style headlamps to wear while knitting at night!

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  1. Oh, I made Fetching as my first cable project too! I wound up making three different pairs. My pair is too big, though - they're gappy around the knuckles.

    I have that knitpicks yarn and made a pair of socks with them. it seems like reasonably durable stuff. good luck with gloves!


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