Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello, friends!

My favorite part of every afternoon is walking down the street to check the mail. I don't even mind getting bills; I'm only disappointed when the box is empty. I love the anticipation -- what wonders are hidden inside that dour, gray metal box? I love how mailbox keys are smaller and cuter than other keys. I really love the excitement of opening my small mailbox to find another key waiting for me, because it means I have a package! If I could buy everything online and never have to go to a store again I would, and not just because I hate shopping so much I'd rather make my own bread -- or donuts (true story) -- than go out and buy them. I'd do it just to have lovely boxes and envelopes waiting for me at the mailbox or on my front porch.

I get even more excited to get packages from friends, especially my friend Olivia, who always sends cool trinkets she picks up on her world travels, like my embroidered felt yurt tea cozy from Kyrgyzstan. My mom used to scheme and plot for weeks when sending me college care packages -- that must be what started my love affair. So when I had the chance to help a friend put together a little cheer-me-up box for another friend whose husband has been in the hospital, I got really excited.

The fun part of planning this type of surprise box is finding things with meaning. Melissa loves jokes -- the cornier, the better -- so we put in a joke book. She also often greets people with, "Hey, friend!" and I remembered seeing a lovely handpainted notecard from Happy Day Studio on Indiefixx, so I ordered it and a set of notecards (and an adorable card for myself)-- those were the best part of the package.

The rest of the package included a bunch of comic books, a blank journal, the Firefly DVDs I'd borrowed from Melissa before they moved, a hair clip I made and a tea towel I designed and embroidered for their new home. I wish I'd taken better photos before mailing the package, but oh well.

I have a package to put in the mail to my husband tomorrow. Gathering the goodies is the easy part, but getting to the post office is what always slows me down. Domestic mail's easy with Click-n-Ship, but international requires those customs forms and a trip to the post office, so Chris's package (Girl Scout cookies, shaving cream, the frog puppet, candy, a card, an alarm clock and batteries) has been sitting by the front door for 2 months waiting to go out.


  1. as you know, i LOVE mail and i think you're an awesome friend for sending it to me. and hopefully i'll get you some good stuff from russia :)

  2. Hi there,

    Wow it makes me so happy to know that my cards brightened someone's day! :) Thanks so much!! Happy Spring!

    happy day studio


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