Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pattern: Doggy Duvet

This is Daisy, my cute-as-a-button hound(ish) dog. She's spoiled rotten, and when she decided she loved her boyfriend Jake-the-Lab's pillow bed, I had to make her one of her very own.

When I made the bed, I was scared of putting in zippers. After making my jumper, I'm not quite so scared -- I just call it a healthy respect. So Daisy's bed is a pillow with an easily removable duvet-style cover that buttons rather than zips.

I don't have a photo tutorial because I made this a while ago, but I did work out the pattern on an index card before I made the bed, so I do have instructions (click to enlarge and ignore the bad algebra unless you want to change the dimensions).

Materials: ~1 yd. fleece or flannel, ~1.5 yd. heavy fabric (upholstery fabric, canvas or the like)
5-6 buttons
1 30x30 pillow (you can sew one out of muslin and stuff it with fabric scraps, polyfill or even packing peanuts)

Seam allowance is .75"

You will be cutting 7 pieces -- 4 bands (A-D), 1 fuzzy top (the piece marked "fleece") and 2 back pieces (E and F).
They're labeled on the diagram.

A-F are from the upholstery fabric. Fleece is, well, from the fleece (or flannel or anything else fuzzy and snuggly).
A-D -- cut strips that measure 31.5"x4.5". Bevel the ends 45 degrees (as shown in diagram).
E -- 22.75"x31.75"
F -- 12.75"x31.75"
Fleece -- 25.5"x25.5"

This will make a 30"x30" square pillow cover.

Step 1: Pin and sew bands A and B to fleece, then sew all 3 pieces together.
Step 2: Repeat for C and D. Press seams open.

Step 3. Fold the long side of piece E on dotted line (2 inches from edge); pin and sew. Sew a straight stitch every 1/4" from the edge to the seam for reinforcing (as shown below). Repeat for piece F.

Step 4: Make buttonholes along this reinforced edge of E (the bigger of the 2 pieces). Sew buttons on F to match up with buttonholes on E.

Step 5: Button the two pieces together and pin for more stability. Pin this piece to the front (right sides together). Sew all 4 sides closed. Press seams open, unbutton and turn inside out. Place pillow inside.

Cute, huh? I think I used a fabric from that red-haired woman from Trading Spaces -- she made a line for Hancock's Fabrics, and I scored tons of it in different patterns from the discount table a couple of years ago.

Bonus picture entitled Why Daisy's not allowed to have stuffy toys (or: the unfortunate demise of Frank):

And a picture of Jake-the-wonder-lab with Daisy:

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  1. cute! I'll have to try it...rufus and rita would LOVE a new bed!


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