Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ribbit, ribbit

Hear that, friends? That's the sound of my glove project being frogged (partially, anyway). Man, Barbie was right -- math class is tough. The pattern I'm working from has the gloves knitted flat, and I'm trying to figure out how to knit them in the round so I don't have to do any sewing. I thought I was so smart, and was using the Knitty pattern Cigar to modernize the thumb gusset as I worked, but with all the calculations between adjusting gauge and making sure the 2x2 seed stitch pattern my gloves call for didn't get off track, I ended up with the thumb and the pinky in the wrong place. Curse you, arithmetic! I ripped it out all the way back to the wristband, and I'm sticking to the original pattern from now on (but it's still on a circular -- no way am I giving a pair of gloves with seams in the fingers to a guy who rips the tags out of all his shirts).

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