Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She's got a great personality...

My husband can now reply, "Well, she makes her own clothes," when asked what I'm like. (You know the old joke about the ugly blind date, "Is she pretty?" "Well, she's got a great personality." "But what's she look like?" "She makes her own clothes ...")

I made this jumper this week from Simplicity 2848. The fabric is a beautiful 100% Italian wool I picked up in Dallas (I have enough left over for a skirt, and another 3.5 yards in a brownish-charcoal-and-blue pinstripe for a pencil skirt and vest a la Cameron's suits on House, M.D.). I'm a little wary that it looks a lot like a school uniform, but I think as long as I stay away from short-sleeve white shirts underneath (like the one in the picture) it's ok. And it has pockets.

I felt a little like Mrs. Quimby in one of the Ramona books (Beezus and Ramona?) where she uses scotch tape to fix the hem on Beezus's skirt and Beezus is mortified (as usual) -- I was in a hurry to finish the dress so I could wear it to work, and I didn't have time to sew the armhole interfacing in place, so out came the scotch tape. Thanks for the tip, Beverly Cleary!

Closeup of the pleated front:


  1. Cute jumper! I say, rock the schoolgirl look...

  2. you look adorable! also i like your haircut


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