Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet cream

One of my favorite things about our trip to Italy in January was breakfast in our room in Naples. With one phone call to the front desk and an awkward conversation in Italglish, a little tray of pastry, coffee and milk would magically appear at our door. I like to duplicate this experience at home with my cute stovetop espresso maker, but I need a ceramic creamer to make it perfect.

I got this cute little guy from Goodwill last week for a project I'm working on, and it inspired me to search out a creamer for myself on Etsy.

There were so many adorable pieces, it's hard to choose! Check out these great finds for yourself.

Singing the blues
1. Biscayne from peacockmodern2. Modern Atomic from VintageEye3. Aqua and white from ladiesandgentlemen4. Mid-century modern from SnappySnippets5. Turquoise creamer from karapegg6. Robin's egg blue from ilovevintagestuff


  1. I love a nice cup of tea. It always tastes better when prepared properly from a pot and
    when the milk is added from an awesome little
    creamer! Lovely finds!

  2. Atomic from foundlowell looks something Eva Zeisel would have designed.

  3. You went to Italy! Italglish - I love it. I'm leaving to go to Paris with my best friend April 30 for a week. Can't wait. I've been practicing my frenglish. Thanks agin for the post!

  4. How will you ever decide?! There are so many wonderful choices. Quite pleased that one of mine made the cut - thanks!


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