Friday, April 24, 2009


I was planning a post about books on my walk to the mailbox tonight. When I started this blog, I intended to have as many book reviews as craft and cooking things, but I haven't been reading anything but rubbish for months. Every now and then (lately, more than I want to admit), I go through periods where I don't want to read anything that takes thought. The most substantial book I might pick up is historical fiction, or maybe a fairly well-crafted mystery, but a lot is truly empty calories. I've been in one of these binges for a few months, but about halfway through my last historical fiction/romancy-just-shy-of-fabio book I started craving something better. It was like I had brain scurvy.

Around the same time, I discovered DailyLit through Etsy (they're sponsoring a group read of Walden -- go sign up!). You can subscribe to daily installments of books via RSS or e-mail. It's mostly public domain classics, so I've been reading P.G. Wodehouse's My Man Jeeves and a collection of poetry along with my regular blogs. It's great because I can get books in small snippets -- wonderful for a busy day. That's why I picked up a copy of Vonnegut's Armageddon in Retrospect. The essays are perfect for reading at breakfast, or just before going to sleep. DailyLit also reminded me to start listening to the Writer's Almanac again.

I'm also reading another Wodehouse, Code of the Woosters. I love Wodehouse -- he's one of the funniest writers in the English language. While the books aren't substantive from a critical standpoint, the language is so clever and crafty, and keeping up with the pace and wit is refreshing. I love reading books that make me want to copy down every other sentence and add it to my list of favorite quotes. One of my Goodreads groups is about to start reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and I'm excited to get started on that one. I've just queued up 2666 thanks to Olivia and her brother, who is also responsible for me having Moby Dick on my plate (although any book that describes a bad mood as requiring "a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off" is a book for me).

So what does this have to do with the mail? Don't you remember -- I was thinking about all this on my way to the mailbox tonight. When I got to the mailbox, there was a key to the package cabinet part of the mailbox in my little box! I had a package! I've been expecting some t-shirts from TopatoCo from a few of my favorite comics, so I was thrilled to see the little key, and was already planning what I wanted to have T-Rex say on my new shirt when I opened the lockbox and saw it was a package from my friend M.E. Extra-super-double exciting -- a surprise package! (You can tell I was excited because of all the exclamation marks. I don't usually use exclamation marks.) Anyway, inside were two Brother Cadfael books (a medieval mystery series by Ellis Peters that's fantastic -- reading them is like meditating and having someone wise and gentle comfort you and tell you it'll all work out okay) and two bags of whole bean Community Coffee. Coffee! And books! Surprise-in-the-mail coffee and books! Man, it doesn't get more Rory Gilmore than that. Tomorrow is officially M.E. Day, and I plan to drink delicious coffee and read all morning. I might even make pancakes.

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  1. hey that is awesome! i am catching up on your blog and have been crap at reading blogs but NOT TODAY.

    i missed you very much when i read this.


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