Friday, April 17, 2009

Me - 1 Glove - 0

Understatement of the week: I am not a morning person. But yesterday I woke up at 5:15 and could not go back to sleep; usually when this happens, I snooze fitfully for half an hour and end up falling back asleep. It didn't work this time because my semi-conscious mind was busy working out the solution to my glove woes, so I got up. After an hour or so catching up on Scary Go Round and reading some of my favorite Dinosaur Comics to limber up the old brain, and drinking a pot or so of the hot and strengthening, to borrow a phrase from Bertie Wooster, I tackled The Glove I haven't touched since the 4th reboot.

I've been so busy trying to use math to turn the main pattern from a knitted-flat-then-sewn-up glove into a seamless knit-in-the-round glove, and I kept screwing up. Once I accepted my lack of algebraic or arithmetic skills and decided to just use a measuring tape and row counter, and work from only one pattern, I think I finally cracked it.

A real glove, with a finger (well, half of one) and everything (including some Daisy hair -- I have to start keeping her from sleeping on my projects). I'm still using the V&A WW2 pattern for stitch counts, but I'm working it in the round instead of flat (if you click the link, please check the rockin' balaclava with earflaps. Please. You won't regret it). This time I've remembered to write it all down as I go so the right glove will (insha'allah) match the left.


(mentally insert socialist realism propaganda poster here)

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  1. I am impressed, regardless of how it turns out. You're way ahead of anything I will ever do of that type.


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