Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daisy vs. the squirrel

I'm in a bit of a craft and cooking slump. When I get home at night, I have the energy to pull out my knitting and work about 5 rounds before my work drops in my lap and my eyes glaze over. I have managed to finish two books I've been working on for almost a month, but that's about it. So this week's posts are a departure from my normal ones (and really, today is almost unforgivable -- I feel like a crazy mom who pulls out baby pictures to show strangers at the grocery store). I did get a western shirt pattern in the mail today from VintageSerenity, so hopefully I have more energy soon to do something interesting with it. I have loads of projects I'm itching to work on, and I'm so close to finishing the pair of gloves that it's making me slightly crazy, but sadly for you, I don't have anything to show for any of it right now. Instead, you'll have to be content with storytime.

Once upon a time, there was a very silly dog named Daisy. She loved the idea of catching and eating a squirrel, and she dreamed about it day and night.

One sunny morning, her dream nearly came true. She looked out the window, and perched in a tree was a fat, juicy squirrel, stuffing himself on nuts! What luck.

"Mr. Squirrel!" she barked. "I'm going to eat you up!"

Ever the optimist, Daisy waited under the tree, grinning madly, for the squirrel to come within reach. Her white teeth glinted in the sun, and her black tongue lolled like a crazy person's.

The squirrel was too smart for her, and decamped for another yard. Unfazed, Daisy decided to wait for another day. She knew he'd be back, and when he was, she'd be waiting.

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  1. I'm chilling with my dog a lot this week and this sounds really familiar.


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