Saturday, May 30, 2009

DIY dress form

I've been pondering making a dress form for several months. I've seen them made of duct tape on Craftster, and was just trying to work out how to make one from papier mache when the folks at CRAFT posted a link to a tutorial on Threadbanger for making one out of gummed paper packing tape. One side of the tape is coated with a water-activated adhesive, and it dries rock hard; it's like papier mache without all the goopy glue mess.

This is definitely a job to tackle with a partner, so I saved it for Massive Project Weekend when my mom could help me. It's a little more painful than it seems in the video -- standing for two hours without being able to bend from the hips up is torture on the lower back -- but the end results are worth it, albeit a little creepy (it's weird seeing your own torso displayed like Venus de Milo on the dining room table). I can't wait to actually start using it for sewing.

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