Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally finished!

I finished my first pair of gloves tonight. Finally. These ended up being way more difficult than I anticipated when I began the project (this is nothing unusual for me). I made the gloves for my husband, who is in the army and loves history. So when I found a vintage WW2 British Army glove pattern from the V&A Museum website, I had to use it. But as I read the pattern, I discovered the gloves were knit flat, then sewn up. Seams in every finger didn't seem like a good idea for the guy who rips the tags out of all his t-shirts because they bug him, so I decided to try to work these in the round on a circular needle rather than flat. That calls for more pattern-writing and interpreting skills than I had, so it was rough going for a while. I also added a buttonhole in the right index finger so Chris can use the gloves on the range and out in the field -- it'll allow him to uncover his trigger finger without having to take off his gloves.

Anyway, they're finished and laid out to block. The pattern is available as a free PDF from the V&A link above, and I'm also including my notes on working it in the round below. Please leave any questions or requests for clarification in the comments -- I can never tell how my notes sound to someone else.

I used just a tiny bit over 1 skein (50 g) of Knit Picks Essential sock yarn (fingering weight) and size 2 circular and double-pointed needles (circular for the hand, dpns for the fingers). I love the way the glove looks in progress when there are needles poking out everywhere -- the circular holding most of the palm stitches, and double-pointed needles for the fingers. It looks prickly and complicated.

OK, enough chatter, here's the seamless modification for the pattern.

15st26rows = 2 in

cast on 60
2x2 rib for 36 rounds
round: p1m1k1m1 with first 2 stitches of round, working 2x2 seed stitch, m1p1m1k1 with last 2 stitches of round
work 5 rounds 2x2 seed/moss (remember to k2p2 for 2 rows, then switch to p2k2)
round: p1m1k1m1 with first 2 stitches of round, working 2x2 seed stitch, m1p1m1k1 with last 2 stitches of round
work 20 rounds 2x2 seed/moss (27 rounds total, not counting the cuff)
next round: work in 2x2 to last 8, place next 16 on waste yarn (28 rounds total, not counting the cuff)
next round: rejoin and work in 2x2 for 15 rounds (43 rounds total, not counting the cuff)
work 21 st (18 st. for right glove) in pattern, place 13 st on waste yarn, work rest of round (44 rounds, not counting cuff)

work 5 more rounds (49 rounds, not counting cuff)

1st finger:
slip 7 stitches onto dpn. put next 14+12 st on holder, slip remaining 6 st on 2nd dpn (these should be at the front and back of the round -- take 7 from the front of the round, place next 26 on holder, then slip last 6 of round)
pick up 3 st. between last st. of round and 1st st. of round using 3rd dpn, placing marker after 3 picked up stitches to mark beginning of round.. (1 round, 16 st)
knit 7, co 4 (this is on the first dpn -- the 1st 7 you slipped at beginning of round). knit to end of round (20 st). you can even out your stitches so you have 6/6/8 on your dpns. if you want.
work 28 rounds stock st.
k2tog k1 until last 2 (13 st)
knit the next round (13 st)
k1, then k2tog to end (7 st)
break yarn, draw through all st.

2nd finger:
slip 7 st. onto dpn, put next 13 on holder, slip remaining 6 onto 2nd dpn
k7 co3 k6 pu4 from inside base of 1st finger
knit 30 rounds st st
decrease as for 1st finger

3rd finger
slip 7 st onto one dpn, 6 onto another
pu 3 from inside base of 2nd finger, k7, co 4, k6.
knit 28 st

4th -- work as previous 3 for 20 rounds. k2tog, k1 for round (12 st.), k12, k2tog for round (6 st), k6, draw yarn through all st.

thumb -- pick up 8 st from waste yarn on dpn, pick up 6 st. from inside of thumb opening plus 2 st. from waste yarn, pick up remaining 6 st from waste yarn plus 2 st. from thumb opening (24 st.)
work 20 rounds.
decrease: k2tog, k1 to end (15 st.)
k1, then k2tog to end (8 st)
k8, draw yarn through all st.

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  1. Thanks for the great pattern modification. I am not a great "seamer", so in the round is better for me. This will be my first attempt at gloves, and I may omit the seed stitch, and knit plain ( hubby wants these as liners for his work gloves) Thanks again!


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