Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pencil me in skirt

My house is a disaster. I spent the last three days making a skirt to go with my tuxedo vest, and there are threads and bits of fabric and probably pins all over the place, not to mention the scattered shoes, dog toys, books and all the other detritus of my day that usually get picked up but got ignored while I played tailor.

I planned to finish the skirt yesterday so I wouldn't have to work on it right up until time to leave for work today, but as usual I was finishing up the hem at 11:15 this morning, leaving 15 minutes to shower and eat breakfast.

I blame the skirt pattern (McCall's 3830). A simple pencil skirt should not be harder to make than a tailored vest, but no one told the folks at McCall's. It probably doesn't help that I don't have any curves at all. I had to completely recut and reshape the skirt (thank goodness I made it in muslin first) to get it to fit right. I also had the great idea to use this adorable little bird fabric for the waistband facing

but it ended up being too thick, especially with interfacing, so this morning I had to rip it out. I lined the skirt instead of making a facing, and it fits so much better (it'll look even better when I redo the hem so it's not visible).

Here's the finished suit. I'm pretty proud of it -- I had someone ask me today where I got the skirt, and someone wanted to know where I got the dress I wore yesterday. Now, no more projects until I tidy up!


  1. You look hott. Seriously, I am impressed. Also I always do things up til the last minute (read the whole third floor of the library, etc.) so I think it's fine.


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