Friday, May 1, 2009

Thrifty, vintagey, crafty book goodness

Sorry for the sucky post yesterday -- I haven't finished a project in ages, and I haven't cooked (or gone to the grocery store), and I haven't finished any of the 312837289 books I'm reading, so I've been stumped for material. But fear no more.

The Friends of the Library booksale is tomorrow, and we had a reception and presale for them tonight at work. I got to wear my new vest, along with a rad pair of black jacquard pants I'd forgotten I had, and a bright pink-and-white-striped shirt, so I was feelin' pretty good. That was nothing compared to how I felt when I spotted this treasure trove on the art and craft books table.

That's right -- it's an entire 20-volume set of Stitch by Stitch: A Home Library of Sewing, Knitting, Crochet and Needlecraft, published in 1985. I shelled out 20 bucks for it, but it's in perfect condition -- all the removeable patterns are there and uncut. I think the books came from a smoker's home, but if I put them in a plastic tub with a couple bars of soap for a week, the smell will go completely away.

It's a fabulous mix of kitschy, cool, vintage and hilarious patterns (and truly terrifying ones, like the Ewok children in the picture at the top of the post), along with detailed step-by-step instruction courses. You could start with book one and work your way through each section and get a pretty good education. I like to jump right in, so I won't be doing it that way.

This was the project that first caught my eye.

I'm dying to make this sweater

And this one

This pom-pom bathmat took my breath away, but not as much as the Molly Ringwald Breakfast Club talent sweater.

This sweater is gorgeous

And this outfit. Speechless. The text reads, "Countdown to the Space Age in this vest."

Sorry the pictures aren't so great -- I'm too excited to share to wait until daylight so I can take better pictures. I'll have loads more to share from these books in the next couple of days, including the apple/apple core motif sweater that sealed the deal for me on the set. I couldn't find the sweater again when I looked through the books, but I'm hoping to find it tomorrow. It is rockin'.

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  1. as you can imagine, i LOVE this post and the one after it. old stuff is awesome. and better yet: HILARIOUS.


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