Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Upcycle craft - crocheted bottle cap trivet

I spotted this cool idea at a thrift store last week -- it's a crochet trivet made from bottlecaps. I'm not keen on the bunch o' grapes design so I didn't buy it, but you could really go anywhere with this. It's done in a lightweight cottony-nylonish string, and looks like each cap is covered then sewn together. I'm pretty sure the crafter made the cap covers by making a flat circle the size of the cap, then worked the edges by not increasing the rounds after reaching the diameter of the cap. She then plonked the cap into the little cup and worked a couple more rounds, decreasing to fill in the circle a bit, then cut the yarn and tied it tightly. I wish that made more sense, and I wish I hadn't had to be so stealthy when snapping the photo so I could have gotten the back of the trivet, too.

Anyway, if I ever get around to making one of these myself, I'll post instructions. And check back tomorrow for a sneak peek at what I got started during Amazing Project Weekend! I haven't blogged this week because I've been recovering from a weekend of marathon sewing.

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