Thursday, May 28, 2009

What time is it?

Hammer time.

I spent the weekend working up a muslin for a pair of pants and a vest, and making alterations to get the fit just right. I diligently sewed up all the seams, turned the trousers inside-out and proudly held them up. My first pair of pants! No matter that it was just a muslin prototype. And no matter that they're apparently made for rappers and people with extremely short legs.

Yo, yo, yo! indeed.


  1. what on EARTH, that's hilarious. I think your dog is trying to do an intervention :) I'm a non-sewer so forgive me, but: wasn't it obvious that things were going hideously awry when the front-to-back seam was fifteen feet long?

  2. well, the front-to-back seam is actually the little one between the legs. the long seam just seemed like a sideseam or an inseam for one of the legs. i totally still can't stop laughing about the pants. they're fixed now, by the way.


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