Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happiness Project

One of my coworkers told me about Charles Spearin of Broken Social Scene's Happiness Project yesterday, and it's my latest favorite thing. Spearin takes interviews with his neighbors and identifies the little natural melodies in their speech and sets it to music, and it's seriously cool.

He says, "Normally, we don’t pay any attention to the movement of our lips and tounge, and the rising and falling of our voices as we toss our thoughts back and forth to each other. We just talk and listen. The only time we pay attention to these qualities is in song. (Just as when we read we don’t pay attention to the curl and swing of the letters as though they were little drawings.)"

I've always loved typeography and spend an absurd amount of time thinking about the way letters and words look, and what messages they convey (side note: compare the forceful, aggressive all-caps font of the Bush-Cheney sign to the softer, more approachable lowercase, rounded serif text of the Kerry-Edwards sign)

Anyway, The Happiness Project is this fabulous auditory version of visual art. I'm trying to decide who my favorite neighbor is, and I think I like Mrs. Morris. There's something about the playful squeak of the saxophone that I love.

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