Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How does your garden grow?

A lot has changed with my garden since I first posted about it, flush with the excitement of fresh baby plants. I faithfully tended the little plot for weeks, watering it and checking it for pests and nutrient deficiencies. I even plucked fruit and flowers from the squash to make delicious stuffed squash blossoms, and cheered as two tomato plants sprang up from seeds left by fallen and forgotten tomatoes last fall. I watered my bean and okra seeds in hopes of seeing seedlings peek out from under the soil.

Now, the plants are bigger, and deader, and weedier. There's some hope that emergency watering can revive even the sad little squash, but the prospects are bleak. The bean and okra seedlings never materialized (guaranteed to grow, my arse), and I need to fill in the potato box with more soil.

The tomatoes aren't bad -- if I can keep the birds from eating them all, they should do fine.

I got one wrinkly, dehydrated bell pepper already, and there's another one struggling to grow.


  1. get to watering and add some fertilizer. they should come on back!!

  2. YES! You did this post. I loved your overgrown garden, and the italics in that picture. Did you use Paint for that?

  3. I used GIMP, I think. Also, there are NO potatoes under all that dirt. None. But the pepper plant is reviving. *Whew*


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