Monday, June 1, 2009

New projects

May was supposed to be Finish What You Started Month, and I think it was fairly successful. I finished two projects -- the gloves and an appliqued baby blanket for a friend. A completion rate of two projects in one month is very high for me, so I celebrated by starting two more! In my defense, it's almost June and these are projects I've had on my to-do list for a long time, so they're not really new projects.

The first is this hat and mitten set for my brother; it's going to be black and gray instead of black and red, and if I can make the mittens as gloves I will. That'll depend on where the end of the pattern hits on the hand.

The second is the suit I've been planning for months, the fitting of which led to the Hammer pants from a few days ago (I'm still laughing about those). It's a chocolate-and-blue pinstripe in lightweight wool, and I'm very excited about it. If only I can get past the boring parts of transferring pattern markings and zigzag stitching the edges of the pieces to prevent fraying and start the fun of putting them together!

My only other project for June is to finish the wedding gift I started last summer in time for the recipients' first anniversary.

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