Friday, July 24, 2009

There's a law in Texas about barbecue that the quality of the barbecue is inversely proportional to the quality of the establishment. The best barbecue is usually found in a shack in the woods, or a hole in the wall under the train tracks. My favorite is a place called Pat's Barbecue, just off Hwy 31 between Tyler and Kilgore. It's been there forever, and it never changes. The chopped beef is perfectly seasoned, the sauce tangy and darkly sweet. The owners, the Gee family, are always friendly and warm. A trip home to my parents' always includes a trip to Pat's, with its open screened windows and rickety fans in the summer and blazing pot-bellied stove in the winter. A smoke-stained calendar curls on the wall, and you get your Cokes from an old refrigerator in the corner.


  1. Well, I am catching up on your blog and it has answered 2 questions that have rattled around in the back of my brain for years: 1) what was that bbq place I went to with Meghan? Because it was awesome. And: 2) how do you make yogurt? I'll get to the second one in a second...

  2. A trip to your parents' doesn't ALWAYS include a trip to Pat's - I can think of one trip particularly! :) Can we go??

  3. Of course we can go -- anytime you want, and bring Bryan and little John (if he ever makes his appearance). I think last time we were too sticky with jam to make it out of the house for BBQ, though.


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