Thursday, August 13, 2009

Besem Natural Scents

I was actually excited to run out of soap last week because it gave me a chance to try some new handmade products from Etsy. After browsing the extensive and tempting bath section, I picked
Besem Natural Scents. These soaps and candles come from just down the road in Brenham, Texas, and they're delightful. The cold-processed bars stand up well to the shower and don't get melty -- they survived several hours on my front porch post-UPS delivery in 100-plus-degree heat without even a touch of squish. The scents I chose (Lemon Tea; Rosemary Mint and Almond, Honey and Oats) come from essential oils only, so they're strong and fragrant in the shower without leaving an overpowering perfume on the skin afterwards like artificial scents do. The lather is so rich and creamy, it makes it hard to keep my resolution to take shorter showers in this awful summer drought!

Check out Besem Natural Scents on their website or their Etsy storefront. Wendy was a great seller to deal with and sent the soap promptly, even including a cute little sample bar of Lavender Harvest!


  1. that looks awesome. i'm going to have to try that.

  2. The Almond, Honey and Oats one sounds wonderful!


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