Monday, August 17, 2009


Right after Chris and I got married, I quit working and started grad school. While I was in school full time, my classes were all evening classes, which left me with lots of time at home during the day. It was difficult for me to embrace being a housewife -- although I was a student, not having any paying job was something I hadn't experienced in a long time. Having a career was always part of my planning and my identity. In an effort to deal with my new role, I decided to make as housewifely a garment as I could: a frilly, ruffly, 1950s full apron. It was part sarcasm, sass and a little spite, but it soon became one of my favorite pieces. The tongue-in-cheek message helped me learn to embrace housekeeping (or at least those aspects I enjoyed anyway), and it's now one of my favorite pieces. When I slip on the now-frayed red-and-blue emblem of domesticity, it's like slipping into character and I can carry on housekeeping a little more cheerfully than before. I also love it in the kitchen because the full front keeps my clothes clean, the pockets are handy for stashing scissors and the skirt makes a great towel for drying my hands. I'd still rather knit or read a book than vacuum the carpets or scrub the toilet, but at least when I do finally break down and clean, I have something that makes me smile while I'm at it.

A lady is never without her pearls -- even while doing housework.

The pattern I used was Butterick B4087, view E. I modified it a bit by using two different fabrics, one for the front and skirt, and a different for the pockets, ruffle and waistband. It's super easy, and makes a great gift. The red and turquoise apron with pearl buttons was a gift for Chris's aunt one Christmas.


  1. I love this apron and you did a really good job on it .

  2. thanks! it was my first project, and was a lot of fun.


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