Friday, August 21, 2009


Some days you just need to do something special for yourself -- that first day of a long weekend after a long work week, or the day you planned to go to the pool and couldn't because you fell while running and scraped up your knee, or when you get a rejection from a job you really wanted and thought you'd get, or just for a day you're down in the dumps.

For me, nothing is as indulgent as a leisurely breakfast. Lingering over coffee with a good book in the morning just shouts, "I am more important to me today than anything on my to-do list." So break out the good stuff -- the linen, a silver tray, a handpainted coffee mug -- and treat yourself to Jen from IndieFixx's delicious breakfast cookies (found on her food blog, Some Clever Spoon). Take your time, and only get up when you feel relaxed and ready to face the rest of the day.

This works well at other times of the day, and doesn't have to cost anything extra. A nice lunch on your balcony or back patio is sometimes more enjoyable than a pricey, crowded affair in a trendy cafe. I like to settle down in the late afternoon with a mug of tea or even just a glass of water with lime and a piece of fruit and just turn off for a few minutes, or get the leash and take Daisy for a long wander, letting her set the pace and stop to sniff whenever she likes. What small indulgences do you make time for?


  1. I make time for your mom (j/k), a good book, and wonderful music. I also like to take long drives at night down to Salado (the wooded-forest way) with the air-condition super cold and the sweet music super loud.

  2. I like to take really really long baths sometimes. Although not always. I can't remember what else. Sometimes I go for a walk on the river in the evening just because (that's in London btw. in America I probably go shopping bo... o I am very bad at being chic and eco)


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