Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Whipped up these roomy jammies this weekend for a new mom friend of mine -- the baby always gets tons o' gifts, and sometimes mom needs something cute but comfy to snuggle around the house in. Normally, I'd make a practice pair first to keep from making silly mistakes (like not flipping the bottom layer of fabric to make the prints line up ... I like to pretend it was on purpose so it looks like the chicks are marching up one side of the PJs and down the other), but I needed to get these in the mail quickly since the baby made his appearance at 11 yesterday morning.

Pattern is Simplicity 3571 and the fabric is Urban Farm for In the Beginning from Over the Rainbow fabric shop, a great source for quilting and whimsical prints. I used this pattern for some flannel pajamas for my grandmother a couple of years ago, and it's definitely a great beginner pattern, but I'd forgotten some of the weird things about it. It calls for interfacing in the collar (seriously, how much stability does a pair of PJs need?) and the top is only 4 pieces (sleeve and torso cut as one piece) rather than with sewn-in sleeves so it's kind of funny.


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