Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Slow cooker pork roast with fruit

This delicious recipe is perfect for autumn. All day, while it was cold and rainy and I was busily working away at the library, my handy slow cooker was busy making dinner! The picture doesn't even come close to doing justice to the rich aroma and sweet, tangy flavor of the roast. Ginger and dried mustard give a sharp, zingy undertone to the sweet apricot, orange and cranberry sauce. Paired with roasted garlicky new potatoes, eaten while dressed in cozy flannel jammies, it was just the right meal to welcome autumn.

Slow cooker pork roast with fruit
Maybe from Prevention magazine? I can't remember ...

1 can (16-oz) whole-berry cranberry sauce
1/2 c quartered dried apricots
1/2 t grated orange peel
1/4 c fresh orange juice
1 large shallot, chopped (1/3 c)
2 t cider vinegar
1 t dry mustard
1 t salt
1 t grated fresh ginger
2 lbs boneless pork loin roast, well trimmed

Mix all ingredients except pork in 4-qt or larger slow cooker. Add pork and spoon some of the cranberry mixture on top.
Cover and cook on low 7-9 hours or until pork is tender.
Remove pork to cutting board. Spoon off any fat from top of cranberry mixture. Slice pork into 6 thick slices and serve topped with sauce.

The pork (sans sauce) is also good the next day shredded and served in corn tortillas with mild cheese (queso fresco if you can find it, or monterey jack) and green salsa.


  1. squee! can't wait to try it!

  2. My goodness that sounds amazing. If I get a slow cooker that may be its inaugural run!

  3. let me know how you like it! it's a definite favorite around here.


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