Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Already? Really?

Cross-stitch potholder for an aunt's Christmas gift one year

October's almost over (I know!), and I'm just starting to think about the holidays. Most crafty types and organized people usually have Christmas shopping taken care of by Halloween. As much as I'd like to be finished, I'm just starting, and today I was thinking about gift giving and crafting and where the handmade/homemade fit in. There's always that one recipient who thinks a handmade gift is automatically worth less than something storebought.

5/7 of the overdue wedding gift

Time is also a factor -- how in the world is it possible to make something for everyone on your list and get finished anywhere near on time? I have a wedding gift that's 18 months overdue, and still not totally finished -- somehow doing something handmade and thoughtful doesn't really make up for ridiculously late gift giving (although a surprise gift in March is rarely unwelcome). Also, there's no real way to do something handmade for everyone on the list, unless you're Martha Stewart. Which I'm not.

Crocheted clutch for a friend's Christmas gift last year

So what to do? I'm planning a few things handmade by me, and a few things handmade by other folks, and definitely a few storebought items (thoughtfully selected, of course). I love the idea of donations to charity in lieu of big gifts, and we do that with some family, but it's still nice to have something small and thoughtful to go with it. And how to find the time to get things finished ...


  1. my mom and i have always been christmas candy makers. esp when you are giving a gift card or donation in name. it's a little sweet treat that goes along with gift. and it's great cause the receiver gets to enjoy it right then! peanut butter balls and chocolate pretzels are always our favorite.

  2. that's a great idea. now i really want some peanut butter balls ...
    i should try some candy making this year.


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