Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye, garden

After an entire summer of birds and too much sun and more birds and squash grub and ants, and an autumn of rain, I finally, finally got a tomato. ONE TOMATO. It's a cherry variety, at that, so it's just one little mouthful of summery tomato. The weekend was sunny and warm, so I had high hopes for the fat green tomato hanging on one of my vines, but today is cold and rainy and I think my garden dreams are over.

I had big dreams this year (like every year) of homemade salsa and pickled okra and home-canned vegetables, and ended up with a few baby squash and delicious fried squash blossoms in early spring, and my one tomato this weekend. Last year, I managed to have tomatoes all summer and into November, but vicious hungry birds dashed all those hopes this year. I will admit I'm a very laidback (ahem ... lazy) gardener -- I did no soil amendment beyond scratching some compost into the soil when I planted, I often forget to water and I don't do pest treatments or fertilizing like I should (and when I do, I use neem py for pesticide and Garrett juice for fertilizer) -- so I'm sure I'm getting what I deserve. But maybe next year will be different. I can always dream.


  1. Aw, that's too bad. Hey, I germinated some tomato seeds from a Berkeley farm, I can mail you some next spring if you want to try something a little different! The growing conditions here are radically different, of course, so I don't know if they'll take.

  2. hey, thanks! it'd be an interesting experiment, anyway.


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