Thursday, January 28, 2010

Etsy finds: Nursery inspirations

I promise this blog won't turn into a "mommy blog" -- nothing wrong with them, but it's not my personality or style -- but I can't help but admit most of my creative thoughts and energy these days are going toward preparing for the baby's arrival in June. Today I wanted to share a few inspirations for the nursery I found on Etsy for this big blank canvas. I really love these products, and just wish I could buy them all!

Because we live in a rented house, we don't want to paint and have to repaint when it's time to move out, so I've been looking for ideas to add color and personality paint-free. Wall decals, art prints and colorful mobiles are all great ways to add a splash of something bright and interesting.

We love biplanes around this house, and what's more adorable than this whimsical little pilot boy and his red biplane by graphicspaces?

Except for these more realistic biplanes by chuckebrydwallart, which come in your choice of 56 colors and will be at home on the baby's walls long after he's not a baby (and his father will want a set of his own).


I love the wobbly flight path defineyourspacevinyl added to these airplanes! I also love the green wall ... sigh. Angela has loads of cute options for kids and grownups.

Decals aren't the only way to get great images on the walls. I adore the slightly perplexed dinosaurs in falldowntree's print collection -- especially the misunderstood T-Rex (and don't miss his blog for more of his great illustrations).

And last, I'm amazed by this colorful felt dinosaur mobile by PinkPerch. Each dinosaur is stuffed with eco-friendly bamboo stuffing and hand stitched, and the mobile is made to order so you can specify dino colors if you wish.

Like what you see? Make sure to check out the shops!

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