Thursday, February 18, 2010

Linocut block prints and easy-peasy bunting tutorial (no sew, cut or glue!)

I am not a Valentine's Day fan, so when I saw this "Valentine's Day is Lame" card featured on Scoutie Girl, I knew I had to get it for my husband. Of course, when I headed over to ghostacademy's shop, I saw there were lots of cards I just had to get! I restrained myself, filing a few away for later, and just ordered the valentine. But the post office lost my first shipment, and I couldn't keep from ordering another card to ship with my replacement. Imagine my delight when I received my package a few days later, and she had thrown in a third card as thanks! And it happened to be one of the ones I'd debated over ordering! So, my dear at ghostacademy:

have I told you lately that you're freaking awesome? She is -- great communication and service, and awesome cards. Check out her lovely blog, too!

I hung these cards up on my mantel for photographing, and quickly decided it was my new favorite way of making a quick and easy display. Bunting is all over the place right now, as I'm sure you've noticed, but not everyone has the time, the fabric scraps or the confidence to sit down at a sewing machine and whip one out. Also, I wanted to display my collection of postcards, and I don't want to sew, cut or glue them. All you need is yarn, ribbon or string, a couple of pieces of tape (or thumbtacks), and some paperclips. Save your favorite valentines from this year to make a bunting next year, like this one I put up with two awesome fabric valentines my mom made and the ghostacademy card (Mom actually sends these little postcards through the mail!):

Or use photographs, postcards or your children's artwork. The fun thing about this bunting is it's easy to rotate and change, as simple as it gets, and makes no mess!

1. Take your string and tape or tack one end to your mantel, wall, windowsill, bookshelf or wherever you want to hang your display. Don't cut the string yet, because you'll want to adjust the length depending on the weight of the objects you hang.

2. Choose your objects, and get enough paperclips to hang them. I used both regular clips and a few filing clips with little label tabs on the top (the green one in the picture below). These would work great if you wanted to write titles for children's artwork, or one-word descriptions of your objects.


3. Hold the yarn across the back and very top of your object. You want it just below the top edge so it runs behind the card. Paperclip the string and card together. Make sure the yarn stays behind the card and doesn't slip up above it, or your card will twist around. See how the yarn runs behind the cards here?

4. Fix the other end of your string to the mantel, wall, etc. Slide your cards around to fix the spacing how you want it, and trim any hanging end.
5. That's it! Step back and admire your handiwork.

(Be prepared for your audience to be a little less enthusiastic.)


  1. that's a great idea. and thanks for the new card spot. love those and i will be ordering some cute one.

  2. thanks! and the shop is really cute -- definitely worth checking out.

  3. Oh, this is so nice! I may do this with some of the Christmas cards I've kept!

  4. Great idea!
    you gotta love the little less enthusiastic audience :D

  5. thanks, riechan! yes, she's often unimpressed with me. oh, well -- she still gives good snuggles.


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