Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project of the Month

For Christmas, my mom always gives us calendars in my stocking. This year, mine was Stephanie Pearl McPhee's (otherwise known as Yarn Harlot) Page-A-Day Never Not Knitting calendar, and the very first Tuesday Tip on the calendar was to create your own Sock of the Month Club. I'm a big believer in using up what I have rather than going out and buying something new for a project (it's not thriftiness, it's laziness -- using what I have means one fewer trip to the store!), so this sounded like just the thing. But I've never knitted socks, and I don't have much sock yarn. I do have loads of works in progress and planned projects I haven't gotten around to yet, so I've made mine a Project of the Month Club instead.

McPhee suggests using Ziploc bags, filling them with 12 patterns and 12 yarns and stashing them away in a pillowcase or larger bag, then each month, just pulling one at random. I'm starting with only six projects instead of 12 since the baby's due in June. Right around the time I was planning my Project of the Month Club, I came across a tutorial for project bags from Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod -- another amazing blogger -- on the CraftZine blog (mine don't look nearly as good, but more on that Thursday). A few days later, and I had my projects all picked out, bagged up and waiting for the first of February.

So, enough chatter! Here's February's project:

The Herbivore Knits Odd Couple pattern is for sale on Ravelry as a Help for Haiti pattern, 100% of the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders (Christabel Seneque of Herbivore Knits blogs here). I'm doing the a.m. socks with a ball of Lion Brand Sock-Ease yarn in Cotton Candy, purchased back at the beginning of my knitting. Updates every week!


  1. So these are going to be your first socks? Really? If so, enjoy! I highly recommend you take a practice shot at turning the heel. Or, don't be like me - I thought they couldn't POSSIBLY mean what they were writing, so I didn't follow the directions slavishly. As always, that's a huge mistake. (I was doing weird heels, too, which didn't help - I'd never done short rows or wrapping & turning before.)

    Fun idea!

  2. yes! first socks. luckily i've done short rows and wrapping and turning before (i haven't actually looked closely at the pattern to see how the heels are done here -- i'm just jumping right in!). it could be a total disaster, but it might not be. who knows?

  3. Dude, good luck! I was drooling as soon as I saw the sock yarn :) I can't wait to see what they look like!!!

  4. Suzanne swears hand-knit wool socks are the best! She'd love lessons for making them once you get the technique perfected.


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