Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend recipe: Grown-up grilled cheese

It's pouring rain outside, and promises to continue cool and cloudy all weekend. Perfect for cuddling up on the couch with a cup of tea, a good book and a cheery sock to knit -- and perfect for the comforting cheesy goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich. This grown-up version is adapted from a recipe in Fitness  magazine, but made with ingredients I had on hand and prefer to the suggested ones in the recipe. It's easy to be creative here, from the type of cheese and fruit to the accompanying soup (although I stuck to the classic tomato bisque). The combination of salty cheddar and the sweet-but-tart cherry jam and crunchy apple made this sandwich a surprising delight.

Grown-up Grilled Cheese
adapted from Fitness magazine

2 slices bread
Cheddar cheese
Cherry jam
2-3 slices apple
A bit of olive oil

Brush one side of each slice of bread with olive oil. Spread jam on the other side of one slice. Place this slice oil-side down in a hot skillet. Layer the cheese and apple on the bread, and top with the other slice of bread, oil-side up. Flip the sandwich when the bread gets toasted and the cheese starts to melt.

Note: the original recipe called for Monterrey Jack, fig jam and pear slices.


  1. Use majonaise instead of olive oil to grill your grilled cheese sandwich with. Please use a lower heat then it would not burn Carbon is not healthy for you

  2. ooh, sorry, can't use mayo -- can't stand it! thanks for the tip, though -- maybe someone else'll find it helpful. (ps - i know it's not good, but i do like it a little burnt :) )


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