Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Look - Blog Redesign

I've been playing all weekend with a blog redesign, and here's the (almost) final version. I still have an idea floating around I want to work on, but it won't be showing up for a while. There's a new header, which I embroidered last night and absolutely love, and I've added buttons for my weekly features on the left so you can quickly access these categories. I used a great blog, Three Column Blogger, to add the third column to my Blogger template. While I could have figured out the CSS code, it was just easier to go find someone else who already had, and cut and paste the CSS into my template.

Check out the links to new pages at the top -- especially the one for free downloads and tutorials, where you'll find pdf files of a few things (like my illustrated menu planner) and all my tutorials and patterns (such as they are) in one place. I hope this makes this blog easier to use, and easier on the eyes. Let me know what you think! Any suggestions?


  1. well I might have mentioned this on the other comment but I like this new set up .

  2. thanks! it's about time i did something new around here.

  3. wow, I didn't know Blogger was so customizable. Do you know off hand if there's a way for me to change the format of mine so the middle column is fatter? I really want my pictures to show up a LOT bigger than they do.

    oh. this was about YOU. I like the new redesign! I'm glad you're making it a bit easier to get to your regular features.

  4. beth, you can change the wrapper widths in the edit html tab of your template. i think the default outer wrapper width is 660px, and i changed mine to 940px. then change the main wrapper width to whatever you need to for the numbers to add up. check out the three column blog i linked in my post for a few more details. blogger's not the easiest to work with, but since it uses CSS it's possible to do just about anything if you code by hand (or copy + paste like i did this time).


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