Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Poll! (and a real Sneak Peek at my Latest Bronte-Along Project)

I got my lovely springtime sampler from Fourteen Countess in the mail on Friday, and I've been pondering the very serious question of where to put it. The colors are so bright and fresh, and the stitching is insanely good, so I really want to show it off. Here are my options -- where do you think it should go?

 in the front hall

 in the corner of the living room, next to the fireplace

on the wall between the living room and dining room

 upstairs on the landing, on the wall behind my desk

 in our bedroom, above my nightstand

 in our bedroom, in the reading nook

in the guest room, above the bureau (it'll be hidden from the door a little by the yarn)

**edit: I couldn't get the darn poll to work, so just vote in the comments!**

And here's a little sneak peek at my latest Bronte-along project, since I didn't do a real sneak peek on Sunday. No details -- this one's top secret -- but if it turns out nicely, I'll be giving it away here!


  1. oooh, oh! sneaky peek! Is it a silhouette of them from the bedroom fire scene???

  2. Definitely in the front hall - it shines the most there :)

  3. i like the front hall or the reading nook.

  4. Upstairs landing behind your desk - then you get to appreciate it while you are working!
    Or the little space between the living and dining room.
    PS - posted letter about 10 days ago - hope you got it or get it soon!!!!!!!!

  5. I love it in the reading nook area....very cute :)

  6. I like it on the wall beside the desk - someplace where you will see it often. I think it's so lovely it should be in a high-eye-traffic area! (I am using this comment as my vote, so as not to skew the results of this terribly scientifical poll)

  7. melissa, i'm so not telling :) wait and see.
    jules, i got your letter, and will be sitting down this week to reply. BERT is the cutest!!

  8. I vote for in the front hall.
    Love - your husband :)

  9. I guess I'm alone - by your bed.

  10. the front hall is my vote!

    I can't wait to see what your project is!

  11. What a lovely home! You really can't go wrong. I'm partial to the reading nook. Thanks for posting this!

  12. Ooo...beautiful places...I'm not sure I can decide either. I love this Bronte-Along project...following the flickr group and trying to watch all the mini-series to get inspired!

  13. I vote for the front hall as well. That way anyone coming over to visit can see it too.

  14. reading nook- I can't get the poll to work so I'm voting via comment :-)


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