Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project of the Month: 2 for 1! February AND March

So I promised weekly updates on my February project of the month attempt, but completely failed. Sorry! But lucky for you, it's prompted me to begin a new weekly post -- WIP Wednesday, where I'll feature my work in progress. It'll most likely be just my project of the month, unless I go a whole week without working on it, and include photos and my thoughts on the process.

I really enjoy setting a deadline for projects. I get more accomplished, and leave fewer things languishing. It hasn't stopped me from starting new projects along the way, but it's definitely kept me a little bit more focused, so I think this is a process I'm going to continue as long as I can. I also really love the surprise aspect of it, and can't wait to share my March project.

check out those pregnancy-swollen ankles ...
I didn't finish the a.m. socks in February, and have to confess that I haven't even put them away yet to start my March project. I've been working on them up until today! I'm about halfway through the second sock, which has been waaaaay harder than the first sock. I also noticed a mistake I made on the first sock, but since it fit well enough, I'm not going to go back and fix it (16 fewer rounds on the gusset than I was supposed to knit! Oops!). I guess I got cocky, thinking socks aren't so hard after all, and stopped paying attention, because I've had to rip out and reknit a billion times, from the cast on to where I am now, all for silly things like forgetting to count and decreasing several rows beyond where I should have. Anyway, enough of that. The pattern's lovely, and I only had to increase it by half an inch to fit my giant feet. It's easy to follow, and a great first sock pattern -- especially for someone like me who'd poke her eyes out with her needles if she had to do a "basic" pattern in nothing but stockinette. Bring on lace next, I say!

Ok, lace isn't next. But this is! My project for March:

A cross-stitch quilt block sampler for my mom. I started it an embarrassingly long time ago (like most of the projects I picked for the project of the month), and it's definitely more cutesy than most things either one of us likes, but it'll be great nonetheless. A little bit of crafty kitsch for her sewing room. It's from 365 Tiny Cross Stitch Designs by the Kooler Design Studio.


  1. the socks look good to me really good . talk to you soon in the mail box I hope .

  2. the socks look great!!! I've got too many projects going right now myself. I nearly finished my current sock when I realized I'd jumped the gun and started the toe decrease about 3/4 inches early, so I had to rip back and add some length. sigh. and there it sits, all gappy.

    PLUS I found a hole in the toe of some socks I made last year. not fair!

    I highly recommend several sock patterns on my Ravelry account:
    Fruit Loop
    Leyburn (I made three of this pattern, I liked 'em so well. I've been anarchic in sock-land and have produced two non-matched pairs of socks. It's very entertaining.)

  3. it's funny -- the socks do fit and look normal, so i didn't notice i'd screwed them up until i got to the same place in the second sock. i DID wonder why i had one fewer O down the leg than the picture on the pattern, though.

    beth, you should learn to darn! make those socks last longer! and i'll def. look at those patterns you mention. check out the hand embroidery network's tutorial on darning stitches:

  4. Awwwww - you're too sweet. too bad it won't be a secret since I'm addicted to your blog!

  5. not a secret! i'm pretty sure i told you about it *mumble mumble* years ago when i started it and didn't have it finished in time for mother's day ...


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