Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project of the Month: Cross-stitch Sampler and April's Project

Sorry for the late post today, but I totally cheated on this project. It's the last day of March, so tomorrow I'm supposed to move on to something new according to my project of the month experiment. I have been so distracted by the fifty million other projects that I felt guilty about how little I'd accomplished this week, so I took some time this afternoon to work on this sampler so it looked like I'd done a little more. Total progress this month: 2 full blocks and a piece of a third (out of 12 blocks). I did fix the Anchor-to-DMC color conversion problem I mentioned last week, replacing the electric blue with a prettier light blue. The blocks pictured are for April, May and June, and I hope to one day finish this darn thing (sorry, Mom -- you'll get it eventually, I promise).

The white-on-white is quite nice (that's a dove in the center, by the way). It'll be finished out with purples and blues.

My thoughts on this project of the month idea are a little mixed so far. I intended to use it to cut down on my gigantic works-in-progress pile, but it seems to be having the opposite effect. I knew the embroidery projects I chose wouldn't be completed in just a month, but I didn't expect this one to spur three new projects, either. Nor did I expect last month's socks to inspire another knitting project. I now have two cross-stitch projects, one embroidery project and another knitting project (not counting last month's unfinished socks) just hanging out waiting to be worked on -- and that's not counting the rest of my POM bags hanging up waiting to be chosen, or April's project, which is ...

The Flutter-by Socks by Shannon Robalino. Can't see the pattern on Ravelry? Check it out here. The yarn is just Paton's Stretch Socks cotton/wool blend in Plum. The stitch pattern looks like this (couldn't find any Creative Commons licensed photos of the actual socks to share here -- boo. Mine will be CC licensed when they're finished, but that's a whole other story):

Also, don't forget to vote on yesterday's poll! I'll keep the voting open until Sunday.


  1. I love the socks . I think everyone should knit socks but I cannot knit not a lick !! LOL !! oh yeah crochet of course but not knit .

  2. That's ok, Sweeetie, I'll bet you finish quicker than I finished the alphabet sampler for your nursery!

  3. Oh, I neglected to tell you it's beautiful - I was too busy laughing at you apologizing when you were 13?, 16? when I finished yours.

  4. ha! i think i was 13 when you finished the alphabet sampler. i guess i came by it honestly, mom! :)
    cathy, maybe you could crochet socks? i have no idea.

  5. OOOH I like those socks a LOT. hm. They remind me of the Leyburns I did (love that pattern, I know I've already said that). hmmmmm.

  6. Sometimes my various WIPs make me feel pressured, as well. When I get feeling that way, I try to remind myself that stitchin's is a hobby...something for me to enjoy. Then I relax and work at my own pace. Probably why I always have so many unfinished WIPs, hmmm? Oh well,
    Happy Stitchin'...
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

  7. you're totally right, carolyn. and i also realized last night that some projects don't take as long to finish as i think they will -- but i do have to pick them up and work on them first! i think i ignore some things because in my mind they'll take forever.


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