Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pterodactyl Stencils Now Available

Just a quick note to let you know the stencils I made for the pterodactyl dresser are now available for download. Either click here, on the image or head to the Downloads and Patterns page to get yours! Each variation is available in four different sizes. The file contains four pages with all three pterodactyl variations -- 12 pterodactyls in all! If you make something with these stencils, I'd love to see it -- leave a link in the comments, or send me an e-mail (meghan {dot} isfive {at} gmail {dot} com}).

Also, anyone have any tips for software (cheap or free -- can't justify Illustrator) to use to make these? I'm new to this whole pattern-making thing, and don't like the way my hand-drawn images scan and convert to pdfs. I'd like them to look a lot more professional. Thanks in advance!

As always, non-commercial, personal use only, attribution please. Thanks for playing fair!


  1. hey there those are so cute . I love the idea and you are awesome for doing these ,

  2. Hi there. Stumbled across your blog, and love the pterodactyl! Try Google sketch up for converting your line art. I'm an illustrator girl myself, but got CS3 at a student rate, so wasn't slammed by the $$. Sketch up will let you stylize your strokes, even though it looks like a 3D cad type program... good luck!

  3. Hi Cortney, and welcome! Thanks for the tip -- I'll check it out. I'd *love* to get illustrator one day, but it doesn't make sense to try it until I'm ready to really jump in.


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