Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sneak Peek Sunday

The Bronte-along over at Yummy Goods has inspired me to put away the knitting needles and pull out my embroidery. Join it! Check out the link to Yummy Goods, and follow along on Twitter (#brontealong).

Past Sneak Peek of this project


  1. embroidery huh ? wow that is a project .

  2. I've been thinking about embroidery a lot lately too---although the Bronte-along is even better reason--aww embroidery, that age-old tradition that has kept women's hands busy for centuries! I love Jane Eyre, although I think I love Wuthering Heights by that other wonderful Bronte (what a talented set of sisters) more. I didn't know a new movie version of Jane Eyre came out. In somewhat the same vein, I saw a poster at the library for a new version of Austen's Emma. For me the addiction really is to Pride and Prejudice, but I love all of these books that came from those wonderful women who were writing when not very many women were.

  3. I really find the not-so-hidden feminism of the Brontes fascinating -- especially Charlotte and Anne. Read the Tenant of Wildfell Hall if you really want to be amazed by very modern ideas. Austen was more quietly subversive, but that makes sense as she was writing so much earlier than the Bronte sisters. I also love all these writers and their rebellious views (even the dismally depressing ones like George Eliot).


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