Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sneak Peek Sunday

Clockwise, from top left: Ayla cotton sateen from Daisy Janie, Moorish cotton by Swanky Swell, Delilah cotton/linen remnant from Daisy Janie and Daydream organic cotton-blend upholstery weight from Swanky Swell.

I'm not sure this qualifies as a sneak peek, but I got some lovely fabric this week and had to share! I have some projects lined up for some of it, but not all. I bought it simply because it's lovely, and with nothing in mind. Trying to decide what to make with it is tortuous, as I tend to be a saver rather than a user. If I don't purchase something specifically for a project, I have an enormously difficult time sitting down and getting to work, especially with fabric and pretty paper. Once it's cut, it can't become something else. As long as it sits folded on my sewing table, or stashed in the closet, it's Schroedinger's cat -- it can be a purse and a blouse and a pillow covering all at once. But once I use it for something, there's no changing its purpose. While some things whisper their desired incarnation from the shop shelves, others hide their true natures until I start cutting -- and then I'm afraid it might be too late. But I'm working to overcome my hesitation, because with material this lovely, how could I go wrong?

Delilah here's already spoken for, as is Daydream (below). Look out for them in the next couple of weeks! Aren't they beautiful?

P.S. Happy Spring!


  1. Oh wow love these matierials . I really do . very colorful .

  2. happy spring, friend!
    so you are a hoarder of pretty things. loving it. i'm the polar opposite. i just jump right in without thinking. kind of like the way i talk i think. HA! xoxo

  3. mom, at least we know where i got it!
    cathy, i love the colors in the fabrics. they're what drew me to them.
    stephanie -- how funny! i'm so not surprised. i'm trying hard not to *save* stuff -- what am i saving it for?

  4. Yeah its really very nice.its color so beautiful. thanks for the information....

  5. isn't it all pretty? i'm *this* close to finishing my project with daydream -- can't wait to share!


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