Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Recipe: Make the Most of Spring

I've been seeing daffodils -- my mom always says they're the first hopeful sign of spring -- for a few weeks now, and as I type this it's nearly 80 degrees outside and my doors and windows are wide open. Winter seems to finally be over, and with it most of my homebody tendencies. I no longer want to spend the days curled on the couch with a book and a cup of tea -- I want to be outside in the sunshine. So this weekend's recipe isn't something you can whip up on the stove but a recipe to end cabin fever with a dose of spring fever.

  • Go for a familiar walk and look at how much has changed in a few weeks. Are flowers blooming? Squirrels playing? Green should be creeping out everywhere.
  • Craft in public! Take your knitting or embroidery outside -- to a public park or even just your back porch.
  • Go to the theater. I love finding amateur (especially local high school) productions and concerts. Last weekend we hit a local ballet production of Peter Pan -- I was seriously impressed by the talent, and it was the most fun we've had in ages.

What other ingredients do you have to add to this weekend recipe?


  1. Nothing says spring to me like asparagus!!! I recently roasted some and then cut a couple of soft-boiled eggs over. I was inspired by this post but I soft-boiled rather than fried, for no real reason. Came out great!

  2. cleaning up the backyard! my favorite part because it just holds all the hopes of outside dinners, bbq parties, and star gazing!

  3. yeah I agree bar be ques !!!Lets all have a bar be que party !!! Love it .

  4. mmm ... asparagus. you're right - so springy. and we've already eaten a couple of dinners outside, and have dusted off the grill. you guys are so right!

  5. Hey you! Betty showed us your photos on facebook, you look so happy and bubbly! I can't wait to see pics of Sparky when he's born! woot


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