Thursday, April 8, 2010

a.m. socks

I did it! I finished February's project -- the a.m. socks by Christabel Seneque. This lovely pattern was a lot of fun to work with, and great for a first pair of socks. The heel instructions were very clear, and the cable was easy, although a little tricky at first since it's a cable-needle-less cable and you have to get the hang of catching loose stitches before they get totally dropped. Even though it's too warm here for wool socks (um, 90 degrees!), I've been wearing them around the house because they're so comfy and cozy and bright.

The pattern: a.m. socks from the Odd Couple by Christabel Seneque
The yarn: Sock-Ease by Lion Brand in Fiesta? maybe? This yarn is surprisingly easy to work with, and soft once it's washed, although it quickly fuzzes up (and it's machine washable!). I've never worked with fancy luxury sock yarn, but I was impressed with how this budget yarn knitted up.
The verdict: I'd definitely make these socks again. I made one intentional modification, and one unintentional, and next time I'll stick to the pattern as written, I think. Intentional mod was making the socks about 1/2 an inch longer, but I forgot that socks stretch, so they're actually a bit too loose now (they'd probably fit you perfectly, Mom!). I unintentionally left out a repeat in the heel flap/turn/bottom of the leg part, so they're a bit snug slipping over the heel when putting them on, and the leg is about an inch too short, but they'll do. And once they're on, they're not too tight. Oh, and y'all -- kitchener stitch is SO not too hard!


  1. SO great!!!! And that pattern works well with the variegated yarn. or is it self-striping?

  2. um, i'm pretty sure it's variegated. i'm still not totally sure of the difference, but the package didn't say self-striping ...

  3. SO CUTE! and i totally know where you are in that picture. heee. that sounded stalkerish.

  4. Oh these socks are adorable...I would wear them all the time because they look darn comfy for my feet. Almost makes me want to take the time to learn to knit. Great post..and thank you for the lovely comment regarding Mable :)

  5. ooh, those are gorgeous! I love the cable! Nice work!

  6. thanks, y'all! honestly, i was dubious about wearing knitted socks (too thick/rough/warm/baggy) but i'm totally a convert.


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