Monday, April 26, 2010

Artist Focus: June Craft

I can't remember where I first saw Kayanna's gorgeous prints -- I think it was Scoutie Girl -- but I do know the minute I saw her fantastic Happy Spring Banner (you can get it here on Renegade Handmade), I fell in love with her work.
I've since gotten to know her a bit on Twitter, and she's such a warm, friendly person. So when I found out I'd won a giveaway from her shop (check out the awesome recipes in the comments), I was so excited. Like I said in an earlier post, I never win giveaways, so I don't know what's made me so lucky lately (don't worry, universe -- I'm finishing up one giveaway and have another planned, so I'll be balancing my karma!). I got to choose a 5x7 print from Kayanna's shop June Craft, and narrowed it down to two:


Since I couldn't decide, I ended up buying Norman for the nursery. He's adorable!

Kayanna's work is heavily influenced by Scandinavian folk art, and you can see that in the bright colors and clean designs, as well as the whimsical flower and fruit patterns.

I think I'm so drawn to that style because of my design background. There's something about the graphic simplicity paired with the bright colors and patterns that just gets me excited. I guess I'm just trying to put my own twist on those ideas.

She stays busy with a family and a full-time job designing packaging for retail, but says her independent design keeps her grounded.

It's incredibly hard to juggle a full time job, kids, husband and a hobby that's become a little business. But it's all so important to me so I make it happen. I try really hard to use every second of my day to it's fullest potential but sometimes the dishes pile up and the clothes go unwashed. I try not to sweat that little stuff so much. And to be honest, my wonderful husband does more than his fair share of housework when I'm holed up in my office sewing. :) As a parent it's so incredibly easy to lose track of YOU as an individual so my shop is a way for me to have something that's completely mine. Something that ties me to the bigger picture and I'd like to think adds beauty and color to the world. Also it just keeps me sane. I love my full time job ... but sometimes I get very depressed by the politics and the icky side of marketing. I work for corporate america but my lifestyle really celebrates handmade, recycling, etc. so I become very torn between those two worlds sometimes.  This is a way for me to get away, relieve stress and keep me focused on what's important.  I'd be sewing, drawing and creating anyway so why not share it with others? I'm not trying to get rich or make a huge profit on my stuff. I just want to share it with people that will enjoy it and earn a little extra money so that I can invest it in other handmade goods that I couldn't otherwise afford.

So hop over to June Craft and see what's new! She'll be updating all week.

all images copyright Kayanna/June Craft.


  1. oh yes we are all busy these days but I dont have a crafty bone in my body so I stick to what I know .LOL !!!

  2. I really need to figure out a way to do collage here. Your post is lovely and makes me happy - and is encouraging to remember you can sneak creativity into boring real life...


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