Thursday, April 29, 2010

Etsy Finds: Thank-You Notes

I had a baby shower on Saturday, so thank-you notes are on my mind! I've been trying to use up the remainder of my boring old store-bought stationary so I can start purchasing my paper from independent artists and designers. There's nothing to compare to the quality, humor and beauty of the non-Hallmark stuff out there, not to mention the benefits of shopping handmade. Plan ahead, so you have the cards available when you need them (I didn't plan ahead for my hostess gifts, and ended up having to hit a local boutique and getting not quite what I wanted instead). Here are a few sets of cards I found while window shopping on Etsy. And do go check out these shops, because there are more pretty cards than what I've featured!

Thank-You Cards
1. Plum Blossoms from desTroy 2. Thank You Very Very Much from smockpaper 3. Why, Thank You from corybo 4. TV notecard from pixelandpost 5. graphic letterpress cards from vandaliastreetpress 6. Pink Merci Scrolls from articulationsevents

Blank Cards
7. Literary Cards from CantonBoxCompany 8. Oval-Shaped Flower from dekanimal 9. Aqua, Red and Chocolate Floral Fabric Cards from lockette 10. Urchins from inklingpaper 11. Purple Letterpress from sweetbeets

Personalized Cards
12. Viney from ohlouisedesigns 13. Printable Modern Teardrops from turnarounddesign 14. Cherry Blossoms from rah4mu

If a link takes you to a sold listing, check the seller's shop to see if they've relisted the set.


  1. Ooooww Meghan - these are making me drool!

  2. Congratulations Meghan on your baby-on-the-way!!! I'm honored that you included my shop in your post. Thanks so much. :)

  3. What a fantastic collection of cards! Thanks so much for including us.

  4. those are some great cards and I love going to wedding showers and baby showers . I hope a niece around us gets a baby shower or a wedding shower . I love those things .

  5. What a great collection of cards! Thanks so much for including our Literary set!

  6. Lovely cards! I so appreciate my modern teardrops being included. Thank you!

  7. So glad you all like the cards! Thank you to the shops who let me feature them - you're all lovely to communicate with!

  8. These are beautiful! I LOVE cards... I need to start making some :)

  9. Oooh! These are fabulous! I especially love number 2 and number 11 -- I'm a sucker for letterpress!


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