Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things that make me happy

50 zillion unfinished projects? Those do not make me happy. Once again, there's been no progress on the socks this week, and millimeters of progress on several other projects instead. The nursery's a wreck, and starting to make me a little frantic even though I have six weeks (fingers crossed) to go. Luckily, my mom's coming in a couple of weeks, and I'll definitely put her to work. I really wish you could see the awesome progress she's making on the quilt we designed for the baby, but she won't let me share pics yet. Seriously -- it's incredible.

Anyway, with all these things making me crazy, I wanted to share a few things that never fail to lift my mood. They're all just sad little iPhone photos, because that's all I have on me at the time (oh, and if you want to see some amazing photography, check out my friend Stephanie's blog. This girl does incredible work with paper and scrapbook-y things, and takes some of the best pictures I've ever seen, all while being a fantastic mom and wife and friend).


  1. Those pictures make me smile, too. Nice collection of happy things. :)

  2. I really liket his. I lost my book of things that make me happy (!) but I wish I still did those lists. Probably I should. I think it makes me happy to do it...

    Anyway good photos, they're pretty and inviting.

    And: I've always meant to learn what poison ivy is. Hm.

  3. Yes happy things especially daisy looks like she is enjoying herself LOL !!!

  4. I love these---I'm always trying to remember the things that fill me with light, amidst the zillions of unfinished projects! I think I'm also trying to come to grips with the fact that I will always have a zillion unfinished projects--that's just the way I am! Lately though, I have been looking for an ending point, or a new beginning. Hmm. I might be writing a blog post about that later today. Sounds like a good topic! Hooray for moms coming in to help!

  5. cute belly shot! your dog looks SO happy.


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