Thursday, May 6, 2010

Date Due Shirt

I made a couple of these cute shirts for friends last year who love libraries. Can you believe I didn't end up making my own (and I'm a librarian!) until last week? Ha, only a few weeks to wear it, but that's ok since I've never been able to get the iron-on transfer stuff to hold up well in the wash anyway.

I downloaded a scan of a vintage date due slip from Flickr and added my due date in the Adler typeface from, printed it in reverse on my iron-on transfer sheet and slapped it on my shirt. It's a bit crooked, but so are the date due slips when I'm the one sticking them in new books anyway! I look grumpy in the picture, but really it was just naptime. This makes a quick and easy gift for library and book lovers.


  1. Uh.. you make it sound easy, but you should seriously consider selling custom shirts. Really!

    (yeah... in all that free time you're about to have)

  2. um, i LOVE this. love this. ooh i see my friend sarah up there. ha! hi sarah! and megan, you are making me one, right?? j/k. kinda. hee!

  3. megHan. gah. fetus makes me dumb.

  4. of COURSE i'm making you one! and don't worry, baby ate my brain months ago. and beth, if i did real screenprinting, i'd do these. but that iron-on transfer stuff is actually kind of sucky and doesn't last long. or i am just bad at applying it, not sure which.
    and hi, sarah! welcome!

  5. Yay!!! Love your due date shirt. :) Love you too!

  6. Clever.
    How is the librarian gig? Lately, when I am uninspired by my research, I dream about living in libraries. I'm sure I have romanticized the job to its fullest, but it never hurts to know more about your options! :)

  7. leafonatree, it's great. i'm not working at the moment, but i definitely miss it! it's not all quiet study, at least not in my field of public libraries, but lots of books. the only problem is my to-read list grows faster than i can keep up!


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