Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finished Nursery!

Thanks to my mom, who has worked her tail off the last three weeks, the nursery is finally (mostly) finished! If it had just been up to me, you'd find me curled in a ball in the middle of the floor, weeping, surrounded by half-empty cardboard boxes and bouncy seat parts, with bits of fabric and paper stuck in my hair and to my clothes. Instead, we have this cuteness! Now we're just waiting for the occupant to come out and play. I still have a couple of little things to work on, but they're not super important. I'll be posting a little more information about some of the projects later, but for now here's just a good look. Sadly, there is no good time of day to take pictures in this room, since there's only the one window and the sunlight is blocked by the gorgeous big oak trees out back, so these photos could be better.

The view from the door. The chair was handmade by Harold Blair, a craftsman in Jefferson, Texas. My dad got to help out with it, so it's extra special. The curtains are made from an old set of white bedsheets I dyed blue (the pillowcases I dyed orange) and Mom put them together to make these cute curtains. More on that in another post! And of course you recognize the ottoman and the dresser.

The crib, with the bunting my mom and I made. Sparky's the nickname we came up with for the baby when he was a tiny speck. Thomas (his actual name) is on the other side of the bunting. And Daisy's upstairs bed (yes, she has two. Yes, she's spoiled.) is on the floor next to the crib so she can hang out with her new buddy -- there's a door into our room just on the other side of her bed. The rug's from Target -- isn't it super cute?

The changing table was my dad's childhood desk (and mine and my brother's). I made the fabric bin that goes underneath to hold diapers -- no, I will not be posting a tutorial because it was a total disaster. The only thing I'll say is make sure to get supermega-stiff interfacing stuff. Which I didn't have. But the bin is reversible! I also lined the drawers, and will be posting about that project later. The changing pad cover is from this Prudent Baby tutorial, and the fabric is a wipe-off laminated cotton for easy cleaning.

A close-up of the sampler above the dresser. My mom started working on this when she found out she was pregnant with me, but didn't actually finish it until I was 13 (at least I come by it honestly!). So it was packed away for my first child, and finally brought out and framed 16 years later. Isn't it adorable?

The bunting. Another lesson learned: batiks don't do well with Heat-n-Bond. The other side looks the same, but spells out "Thomas" instead.

Dinosaurs on parade! I used this awesome Steam-a-Seam trick from Sewing for Scarlett. How often do you get to iron your walls? I have a few more I want to put up, but they can wait.

So, now that the room's finished, who wants to bet Thomas'll decide to wait another three weeks before making his appearance?


  1. The nursery looks amazing! You and your mom have done an awesome job making it so personal. It's been lots of fun following all of the progress. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're doing well. I know you are excited for Thomas to be here.

  2. yeah when is thomas supposed to make his big arrival ? soon I hope and please be carefull of the hardwood floors they are gorgeous but my son busted so many things on those floors I would hate to tell you . Oh well the nursery is gorgeous !!!

  3. exciting!!!! handy that sparky & thomas have the same number of letters. please tell me that is a coincidence, and that you didn't constrain one by the length of the other ;-)

    come on out, kiddo!

  4. ha, beth, it was just a coincidence! a lucky one, though.

    he's due a week from friday, but the doctor said i've progressed enough for it to be anytime. we'll see what she says today!


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