Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden Party: Baby Sunhat and Shoes

Remember that bias tape I made a few weeks ago? I used it to make this cute little sunhat using a tutorial from Prudent Baby for a friend a couple of weeks ago (and baby E arrived yesterday! Hooray!). The shoes are the kimono shoes from Homespun Threads, with bias tape, piping and applique embellishments.

Both patterns are very simple. The free shoe pattern is only for 0-3 months, so I got a 6-12 month pair of shoes and traced the sole and resized the pattern that way. I also wanted to make one pair reversible, and struggled a little bit with figuring out how to do that. I didn't take any pictures of the process (sorry!), but I pieced together the shoes except for the outer sole. That piece I laid wrong-side up on top of the shoe, sewed it down except at the heel, turned the whole thing inside out and hand-sewed the heel closed. Make sense? Probably not -- sorry again for no pictures.

These shoes are my favorite -- I appliqued the ladybug markings on the shoe's upper before sewing it all together, and added the antennae at the very end with embroidery thread. They're fleece lined, so they'll keep E's toes warm and cozy in the fall.

The sunhat pattern was much easier to follow than the shoe pattern. I did make some adjustments -- because I used a thin cotton, so I added interfacing and a hat lining.

1. Cut four hat pieces from the flowered fabric, four interfacing and four from a plain white cotton lining. Iron the interfacing onto the flowered hat pieces, then sew them together according to the tutorial. Sew the lining pieces the same way. I overlocked the seams just because.

2. With the wrong sides together, pin the lining to the hat. Try to fold the seams over so they lie in different directions.

3. On the outside, sew about 1/4 of an inch from the seams on either side, like a baseball cap. Just go from edge to edge, criss-crossing at the peak of the hat.

4. Attach the brim to the hat according to the real tutorial instructions. Because of all the fabric, I chose to simply enclose the raw edges in bias tape instead of using the stitch-in-the-ditch method of sewing the brim lining to the hat lining. It was just easier for me to figure out.

5. To do this, pink or overlock your raw edges.

Then enclose them in double-fold bias tape and sew.

6. I also attached some ric-rac to the brim. To get a tidy seam with the ric-rac, you'll fold the finishing end under like this (this picture shows the beginning end, just so it's easier to see the fold):

Finished, it looks like this:

I finished the hat with a crochet button. Be very very careful with buttons of any kind on baby clothes and toys -- this one's big and sewn on quite tightly. It'll also unravel if it's pulled off -- it's just a crocheted dome stuffed with yarn. The last thing you want is for a little one to pull that button off and choke!

Thanks to Prudent Baby and Homespun Threads for the patterns!


  1. so so so cute!

  2. OHMYGAWD my ovaries just exploded at the cuteness of the ladybug shoes. And SO appropriate for the recipient!!!! You are a very thoughtful friend.

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