Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Recipe: Pasquale Sandwich

In Naples, there's a tiny little corner shop/delicatessen (a salumeria) run by a little old man named Pasquale. It's not a restaurant, but if you ask nicely, he'll make you the best sandwich you've ever had in your life. You can point to what you want on it, but Pasquale will decide what you really need -- and trust him. He's always right. Chris and I hit this place at least twice when we were in Naples last winter (it's behind the Archeological Museum on Via Salvator Rosa, no 10 - the Salumeria Pasquale Carrino).

When we got home, I set out to duplicate his efforts as best as I could. The main ingredients are various types of salamis and marinated meat, along with marinated olives and sweet red peppers and the freshest mozzarella cheese. Of course, the most important ingredient is fresh Italian bread and Pasquale's exuberant Italian chatter. This isn't your typical dried-out, anemic train station sandwich. I wish I had photos of it!

Chop the olives and other marinated vegetables before putting them on the bread, and layer them with the meat and cheese. Don't stuff this sandwich too full -- you want the bread to be the star, just accented by the savory, vinegary fillings. It's marvelous for a picnic, so make it right before packing up to leave to let the vinegar soak into the bread a bit. Perfect for a hot May Saturday picnic!

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  1. wow looks awesome gotta love the sandwiches .


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