Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting things done

Hello! I'm back for a second to share something I put together before T was born, and it's helping me (slowly) figure out how to make it through these loooong days (and nights). I use this weekly planner along with my menu planner to track essential tasks. Both are up on my fridge, where I find myself quite often, and I just slip them inside plastic sheet protectors and write on them in dry-erase marker.

This one's obviously the pre-baby planner (notice how nothing's crossed off?) -- my current one (if I had time to make it) would just have laundry, food and dishes on it as my essential weekly tasks. And I've made a blank one for you to download for free! (The water glasses are to help keep up with drinking enough water -- go ahead and ignore them if you want! Or substitute a bev. of your choice.)

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  1. glad things are going so well and hope all is well for a long time to come .


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